NASTRAN system uses the finite elements method to analyze destruction proceses (ship's hull, offshore and port structures). The system examines dynamic fast-varying phenomena with strong non-linearities due to materials used, large displacements, contact issues and large-scale problems involving six degrees of freedom of unlimited number of vessels. The system features diversified mapping methods permitting the user to manipulate an object in terms of geometry and grid mapping. A complex multi-element model may be displayed in a variety of modes, e.g. contour lines or transparency. The finished object may be visualized in the parallel mode or virtual perspective.

The system is capable of making 3D models using various functions: modelling of  curves, surfaces, solids; extending, trimming and rotating.

Nonlinear progressive criterion of destruction


In the context of scientific and industrial research the Centre is doing in reference to ship and offshore platform operations, the system has the following applications:

  • estimation of accident consequences by modelling engaged ships, fenders, wharves, offshore structures; simulations of ship-ship or ship-wharf collisions can be made to estimate the range of consequences; real or fast time simulation  takes into account physical properties: material fatigue, scope of damage, forces and moments; at present the system is the only recognized IT environment successfully substituting for a costly field experiment. The obtained results provide grounds for setting forth technical and operational standards;
  • development of risk reduction methods; this can be achieved by designing (using the finite element method) proper technical parameters  of fenders, hull strength, offshore facilities, etc.,
  • reproduction of an accident. e.g. a collision of ships, recreated by the determination of movement parameters at the moment of impact. 


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