The ESRI system consists of equipment, software and data bases:
  • ArcInfo - comprehensive system of creating, gathering, updating, analyzing, mapping and visualization of data in the GIS environment.

 Example data generated by the ESRI system


  • Nautical Solution – enables management of large volumes of data, creation of standardized nautical data bases and charts. Providing a GIS-based platform, the module permits to produce S-57 electronic navigational charts, approved by  the International Hydrographic Organization, as well as paper charts, other types of maps and plans as required by the user.

 A chart generated by the ESRI system


  • Mapping & charting – enables high quality visualization of data in spatial displays and delivery of cartographic maps with visualized workflows across the enterprise.

In the context  of the scientific and industrial research at the Centre, the system is used for:

  • analysis of input data − shipping routes running across open seas and port waters,
  • visualization of probability density function – vessel traffic streams on own charts of examined areas, conforming to ECDIS and GIS standards,
  • estimation of consequences by plotting in the GIS and ECDIS systems the volumes of spills due to an accident (size of spillage or gas leak etc.) and projected routes of spill movement; the system permits to estimate the range of pollution in an area, making a chart adjusted to ECDIS systems carried by ships combatting oil spillage or another disaster due to an accident,
  • development of methods of risk reduction by dimensioning of sufficiently large safe manoeuvring areas,
  • post factum and current analysis of the consequence of a marine accident or disaster by visualizing the outcomes from other modules of the Centre.


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