The Research Centre for Ship Operation Risk Analyses was established under the Regional Operating Programme of Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship 2007-2013. Poland's only centre with an outstandingly wide spectrum of analytical tools will carry out research and analyses focused on maritime transport safety.

  1. IWRAP MK  system consists of a work station and dedicated software. The  system allows to estimate risks affecting ships manoeuvring in a specific area. Based on the intensity of traffic distribution, the system permits us to effectively assess and estimate the number of collisions, groundings and other undesired events over an examined period within a specific navigable area. Assessment of navigational risk by this system is based on information from the Automatic Identification System (AIS), which enables more accurate analyses.

A diagram illustrating the vessel traffic distribution on a fairway, based on data from the AIS system.



In the context of scientific and industrial research in the field of ship and offshore operational risks, the system finds a number of applications:

  • analysis of events, consisting in the navigational high risk area identification by processing data bases concerning vessel traffic in AIS, available on servers of European and Polish VTMS systems,
  • use of the probability density function for an analysis of a  vessel traffic stream,
  • estimation of accident probability – time-varying analysis of vessel traffic stream, analysis of the positions of trajectories and swept paths relative to fairways, marine structures, offshore installations, LNG infrastructure (subsea pipelines), wharves etc.,
  • development of risk reduction methods, particularly the determination of safe manoeuvring area by supporting the design and deployment of aids to navigation in shipping areas, support for the introduction of regulations enhancing the ship passage safety, support for designers of harbours, terminals, canals and approach channels,
  • analysis of marine accidents and other undesired events.


Maritime Risk Analisis Center

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Tytuł projektu.: "Budowa Centrum Naukowo-Badawczego Analizy Ryzyka Eksploatacji Statków w Akademii Morskiej w Szczecinie"
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